How to Buy Crypto with Credit Card

Buy BTC, ETH, USDT via credit card, apple pay, sepa transfer, gbp transfer and more...

1. Enter Amount &
Choose wallet

Enter amount image
Sell BTC

2. Choose Crypto

3. Click Buy Now to
make payment

Buy button
wallet address

4. Enter wallet address
if you choose KF wallet, we generate an address for you which you can copy and paste on this page!

5. Verify your Identity
perform a quick KYC

Kyc img
wallet address

6. Make payments
pay with credit card or other method

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How to Trade on P2P

How to Buy or Sell your bitcoin on our highly secured & private p2p,
we never reveal your identity with fellow traders!

1. Fund your
Kite Financial Wallet

Fund wallet
Sell BTC

2. Place Bitcoin
for sale (best rates!)

3. Buyer sends
money to your bank account

Receive money


How to Pay With Bitcoin

You can buy airtime, pay for Tv Subscription, Electricity unit, etc with bitcoin

1. Navigate to Bills & Airtime

Bill invoice
Pay Tv Sub

2. Choose what to pay for
Airtime, Tv Subscription, Electricity...

3. Enter details &
pay with bitcoin

Pay with bitcoin

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